Lavender Dreams

My head rest on the pillow in which you lay

I smell lavender: calm, robust, enticing

It eases the burden of sleep

The catatonic state in which my body does not rest

Where can I rest now?

I toss and turn—can’t sleep without you

Even the tiny dog that nestles in my back

Pushing me towards your body

Forcing me to hold you while you sleep

You just left for the night, but it feels like an eternity

The way that I feel, this pounding in my chest,

Breathe it in

The fragrance of lavender

from the ghost of your skin


Mockingbird Sighs

I returned to the place,

Where dreams were made

Fragrance of dust and decay

Here is where memory atrophies

Where the Mockingbird sighs

I can instantly go back to a time

Where I can see you—

But I only hear you in my dreams

And the Mockingbird sighs

I’m the only one that cares

About this place, where we once played

My most sacred treasure

Gray Skull: Island of Dreams

Where the Mockingbirds sigh


Love Spell

Take a spoonful of honey

Whirl it around your tongue

Sweet, luxurious, infinite,

Think of this feeling

A recipe for joy

To chase away the depressing hues

Midnight, lapis, smoky skies,

Soak in the heated waters

Submerge you whole spirit

Warm, enticing, familiar

Handful of rose petals

Drops of lavender extract

Purge the energy and embrace

Fantasy, memories, tenderness


A Poem About Romance


A terrible infliction on my soul

No thinking, no stability

It’s my greatest addiction

It engulfs my being, dreams reality, all of it

For romance is not the same as love


A beautiful moment

Lying in bed, lover’s embrace

Fingers dancing over our skin

Life’s most elusive force

For romance is not the same as love


Sick to my stomach

Pains that inflict my heart

One used to bring me such joy,

One would bring me such hollow

How could you do this to me

How could I do this to myself.

For Romance is not the same as Love


In The Middle of The Night

You asked

“do you love me”


I opened my lips to lie

But the truth came out instead

I laid on top of you

“stay here” you said

You told me

Three times

That you loved me too, in the same way

You can feel me

A light in your chest

A new feeling you never felt

You had to lose me to find out

That this is how you felt

We kissed


The moonlight danced upon our faces

And in that moment

Between those embraces

That our love was real

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