Gray Skull: The Island of Dreams


June 2016

*Enter Dream Sequence*

My vision became clear through the haze of reality. I entered the land of endless possibilities—the astral plane.

I found the portals I had built from branches, a sacred space that has been sheltered beneath the eucalyptus trees I planted with my grandfather twenty years ago. I emerged in a place so familiar yet so distant.

I was alone, lost, and scared. Feelings I was all too used to having at this point in my life. I wandered this peculiar land looking for someone, anyone a single glance of a person to calm my fears.

Through the brush and shrub age I wandered, and then I saw him. The man of my desires, a man so close yet so far away. I could tell this was the man I was meant to be with, I reached out to grasp him, but I never could. I called out his name, I knew it. How did I know it? I never knew this man. Before I could reach him he vanished. Torn from my Eden.

I wanted to find him, looking for a clue to where he went I scurried up the stream. Searching, lusting—craving, I came to a bend in the river. I tried to follow it up stream.

Before I could reach my destination, I suddenly found myself back at the portal I had built. “No not yet,” I cried out “I am not ready to leave this place!” Despite my protests I was shifted back through the portal, back to the land of no possibility—reality.

*Exit Dream Sequence*

My work revolves around a personal narrative. I am interested in the idea of memory and dreams, the way that the two almost blend together to create a false reality. I have always been interested in the idea of parallel realities, and the two sometimes blending through the astral plane.

This work was inspired by a specific dream, a foretelling sign of desire and love. Coincidentally it is about the feelings you have when you love someone but they don’t feel the same way. The human spirit’s unwillingness to change how it feels. A false state of emotional being, being mislead about the future. And ultimately, it is about the desire to hold onto a memory and not let it go. Wether that memory is beneficial or detrimental to our health we don’t want to see it change, we don’t want it to be altered. How can you preserve memory?

Gailan Sabin Gray
Summer 2016

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