Gray Skull: The Island of Dreams

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June 2016

My vision became clear through the haze of reality. I entered the land of endless possibilities—the astral plane.

I found the portals I had built from branches, a sacred space that has been sheltered beneath the eucalyptus trees I planted with my grandfather twenty years ago. I emerged in a place so familiar yet so distant.

I was alone, lost, and scared. I wandered this peculiar land looking for someone, anyone a single glance of a person to calm my fears.

Through the brush and shrub I wandered, and then I saw him. The man of my desires, a man so close yet so far away. I could tell this was the man I was meant to be with, I reached out to grasp him, but I never could. I called out his name, I knew it. How did I know it? I never knew this man. Before I could reach him he vanished. Torn from my Eden.

I wanted to find him, looking for a clue to where he went I scurried up the stream. Searching, lusting—craving, I came to a bend in the river. I tried to follow it up stream.

Before I could reach my destination, I suddenly found myself back at the portal I had built. “No not yet,” I cried out “I am not ready to leave this place!” Despite my protests I was shifted back through the portal, back to the land of no possibility—reality.

Gailan Sabin Gray

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