Fabricated Isolation

Fabricated Isolation

Fictis Solitudine

(This work is still in progress)

The interior of oneself is probably the most mystifying landscape that one can visit. We create these interior worlds that allow us to escape and also engage with reality. Being alone was the inspiration for this work. As human beings our nature is mostly prone to seeking out human interaction, mostly. We crave connectivity with other souls.

My work often revolves around a personal narrative. I spent about 6 years of my life alone. 23 if you count how I grew up. I was not a typical child, I was really interested in playing in nature rather than having lots of friends, actually I never had many friends. I was deemed too weird, too gay and too aloof. I suppose at some level the work reflects that nature, the idea of building a place that I can escape and be totally human for a brief period of time because I was never pleased with how reality was depicted in my mind.

I would walk along the Northern California Coastline studying, observing and documenting the cliff sides and how it interacted with the ocean and the light. Playing with gestalt principles of similar values and textures I was able to create landscapes that are non-real, but cast the illusion of being part of this world. I would later venture out and experiment with different formations and terrains to create a more universal “world”.

I am taking a break from this work because it became extremely formulaic, it will continue eventually.