ARTPOP Synthesis

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ARTPOP: Synthesis

My photographs explore the struggle we have with who we are, and the reality of our identity.

Self-acceptance is something I have always admired about Lady Gaga. Her lyrics of this struggle were very prevalent in her album, ARTPOP. During the time this album was released, it inspired me to let my internal world externalize. I soon began to realize that my ideals about identity were similar to Gaga’s. Discovering this allowed me to synthesize my work with the ideals of Gaga’s ARTPOP.

This series has been exhibited at the following locations:

(Note: the layout of this series changes with the space of the gallery)

California State University of Fresno’s Dean’s Gallery February- March 2015

UAA No Big Heads Self-Portrait Competition (selected images) October-November 2015

San Jose State University Gallery 8 February 8-12, 2016

— G. Gray


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