Who is G. Gray?

Born and raised in the small rural town of Exeter, California, Gailan had a vision to see the world in a new way. Coming from a working class background didn’t provide a lot of luxuries for him and his sisters growing up. “If you want to get anywhere in life, you have to put in the work.” This was the family motto growing up.

Gailan would graduate High School in 2010 and then go onto Fresno State where he studied art and photography for four years. He graduated with his Bachelor’s of Arts in Art in the fall of 2014. After being inspired by the faculty of Fresno State, Gailan knew he wanted to become a Professor of Art. After graduating Fresno State, he went onto San Jose State University, where he studied to get his Master’s of Fine Arts in Photography in May 2018. It was in Graduate School that Gailan discovered the true meaning of his work.

In his work, Gailan explores the relationship between gender and sexuality.  He also discovered the idea of ‘queer politics’ in art. He would then begin delving into queer aesthetics more and more and eventually unearthed an uncanny relationship between him and his late Grandfather, Sabin H. Gray. Sabin was Gailan’s first mentor and had him painting at the age of three. After Gailan started digging through his grandfather’s work he decided he would complete his thesis exploring the realm between ancestry, sexuality, and identity.

Currently, Gailan is still working on his art, and is also teaching as a Professor of Photography and Design at Gavilan College in Gilroy, California. He plans to travel and discover where he wants his journey to take him.

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