Who is G. Gray?

Art, for me, has always been about expressing your own authentic voice. The art that I create is usually influenced by my past-experiences, memories, and a personal mythology around queer identity. I grew up in the hyper-conservative Central Valley of California. My personal experience growing up was what inspired me to create artwork related to queerness.

My aesthetic usually features the male nude. A theme that was inspired by Classical Antiquity and the idea of romantic heroes. I am interested in mythological beings such as Apollo, Adam, Jupiter etc. Mostly, because they represent the ideal masculine identity. Photographing the nude also allows me to communicate ideas of vulnerability and sexuality simultaneously.

My work is primarily lens-based. Meaning: it is usually photographic in some form; ranging from prints, projection, or video installation. Photography for me has allowed me to engage my audience with hyper real imagery usually depicting a psychological landscape. A psychological landscape is the internal realm of one’s self-identity.

The reality that is depicted through my photographic work is not one of a true reality, but of a reality that could exist, but never really did.


Contact Information: gailangray@gmail.com

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