Who is G. Gray?

Gailan Sabin Gray AKA G. Gray is a visual artist working in the photographic medium. His work explores the identity of oneself as well as sexuality, desire, dreams, and memory. Gailan received his BA in Art with an emphasis in Photography at Fresno State in December, 2014. He is currently studying at San Jose State University where he will graduate with a MFA in Photography.

G. Gray has exhibit work throughout California and also in various other states throughout the U.S. His most recent spaces include the De young Museum in San Francisco, and Linus Galleries in Pasadena. Gailan is also an educator in photography and art. Focusing on the fabrication of light and time in the photographic medium as well as its legitimacy in the Art World.

G’s work has evolved from studio practice, where there is a lot of control and set-up, to a more intuitive form with using the landscape as a source of inspiration. Combining the nude male figure with the landscape to communicate ideas of vulnerability, truth, and sexuality. His most recent exploration has him reflecting on the past, and discovering its truth.

Moving away from photography, Gailan has started working with large-scale installation pieces to create an immersive experience for his viewers, coaxing them to become part of his world. A world filled with love, desire, dreams, truth, and lies.

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